Johns Hopkins makes major investment in the power, promise of data science and artificial intelligence

August 04, 2023

Johns Hopkins University today announced a major new investment in data science and the exploration of artificial intelligence, one that will significantly strengthen the university's capabilities to harness emerging applications, opportunities, and challenges presented by the explosion of available data and the rapid rise of accessible AI. Ron Daniels President, Johns Hopkins University "Data and artificial intelligence are shaping new horizons of academic research and critical inquiry with profound implications for fields and disciplines across nearly every facet of Johns Hopkins." Johns Hopkins has met the moment with several data-driven initiatives and investments, building on long-standing expertise in data science and AI to launch the AI-X Foundry earlier this year. There is no other institution more poised than Johns Hopkins University to guide us." "The investment will ensure Johns Hopkins remains on the forefront of research, policy development, and civic engagement."

The source of this news is from Johns Hopkins University