Johns Hopkins experts discuss the upcoming total solar eclipse

April 06, 2024

Media Inquiries Name Johns Hopkins Media Relations Email [email protected] Office phone 443-997-9009On Monday, April 8, the United States will experience its second total solar eclipse in seven years and its last until 2044. April 8 Solar eclipse viewing party Join the JHU community on the Beach to view the solar eclipse and learn about the significance of this rare phenomenon; eclipse glasses providedFour experts from Johns Hopkins University held a virtual briefing on Friday to discuss the science of eclipses and what viewers can expect and should look for during the upcoming celestial event. Johns Hopkins University Provost Ray Jayawardhana began the conversation by sharing his own compelling in-person experience viewing a total solar eclipse in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia in 2008—one of three total eclipses he has witnessed to date. "It's worth making the effort to witness a total solar eclipse in person in all its glory (and do remember to be safe when you do so). (It should be viewed through eclipse viewing glasses, as it not safe look at the eclipse until totality occurs.)

The source of this news is from Johns Hopkins University