How an African bird might inspire a better water bottle

April 16, 2023

Media Inquiries Name Jill Rosen Email [email protected] Office phone 443-997-9906 Cell phone 443-547-8805 Twitter JHUMediaTeamAn extreme closeup of feathers from a bird with an uncanny ability to hold water while it flies could inspire the next generation of absorbent materials. Sandgrouse found in African deserts typically nest about 20 miles from watering holes to stay safe from predators. The male sandgrouse are the only birds known to hold water like this—their specially adapted belly feathers are the key. Possible applications include the design of netting for collecting and retaining water from fog and dew in desert regions; and a water bottle designed to prevent annoying swinging and sloshing. He thinks a hydration pack or water bladder that could do this would be particularly appreciated by runners.

The source of this news is from Johns Hopkins University